Hear what others are saying about The Movement Center


Nicole Bellman

I thought I was in shape. Then I took one Pilates class with Maryanne and was unable to sit up on my own the next day. I realized how little of my core I actually used. Four years later, I cannot be more grateful than I am for Maryanne and what she has brought to this community, for continuously adding new classes that challenge me, for introducing me to a completely different way of working out, and a better butt to boot. Thanks Maryanne for all your hard work and dedication to your classes!

Cokie Bereyni

As the director of the non-profit She Climbs, climbing mountains and sharing those climbs with other women and girls is my passion. After I tore my ACL I went to Maryanne for my post rehab training. Maryanne treated not just my knee, but my whole body. She found my weaknesses and changed the way I move. As a result, my recovery time was cut in half.  In January 2014, my 11 year old daughter and I made it the summit of Killamajaro together. Thanks Maryanne for helping me get to the top!

Judy Graham

I am 67 and feel great thanks to Maryanne Garvin and her expertise in Pilates and the human body.  I have depended on that expertise and also Pilates, with its focus on the core, to keep me strong and pain free.  A week without Maryanne and Pilates and I will quickly be aware of how important the Pilates strengthening is and how important it is to be consistent. I thank Maryanne for keeping me young.  She’s great beyond a doubt and a beautiful person besides!

Margie Lyons

Before I began pilates training with Maryanne 6 years ago, I was overweight, had poor posture, chronic lower and upper back pain, and shoulder pain. I could not do many everyday activities, such as gardening, lifting heavy objects, even sweeping the carpet. Today, at 64 I am pain free, can do almost anything, have lost 25 pounds, and am more fit than I’ve ever been in my life. Maryanne is a gifted teacher, both in the group and the private lessons which I continue after all these years. She is positive and also caring. She listens and modifies while gently encouraging and pushing for improvements. Succeeding at correcting lifelong habits has given me a much more positive attitude and has allowed me to take on other challenges with confidence. It has been life changing.

Sheldon Kerr

What a treat that in a tiny town we have access to such expert personal training, dynamic classes and great bodywork to undo all the aches and pains that those classes induce. I also appreciate Maryanne’s commitment to staying up to date with the latest science in training techniques and modifications for my various injuries. The Movement Center has helped me harden up and get after my climbing and skiing goals while also teaching me better techniques to train myself and come back from the tweaks all us mountain athletes come home with. We are very lucky to have this resource!


Laila Bryant

I am absolutely addicted to Maryanne’s classes! Normally after a couple weeks of a class, I get bored and lose interest, but Maryanne keeps everything fresh and switches it up all the time. She is constantly challenging us all and trying new things. TMC classes have been a perfect way for me to step up my strength training and fully recover from my knee surgery after a long period of physical therapy. Maryanne’s background in bodywork and training in many styles of strength work make her an amazingly diverse and knowledgeable teacher. I am stronger than I have ever been after 6 months of classes!

John Poole and Carol Chance

 Maryanne is highly competent both as a trainer/instructor and as a designer of programs to meet individual needs.  I attended programs offered by her over a period of four years, first to address injury through rehabilitative exercise, and then to maintain and improve overall strength and flexibility.  My wife witnessed my improvement and joined me in classes more recently, in 2012 until the present.  We are both very satisfied with our experience at The Movement Center.


Sarah McAllister

I have a new back! After joining the Movement Center and working with Maryanne and the fabulous instructors there, my back feels (and looks) better than it has in many, many years. Over 16 years ago, I herniated 2 lumbar discs, and my MRI showed several degenerating discs. Because of this injury and various other life factors, the natural curvature of my spine was gone. In fact, my lumbar curve had become posterior. I was in constant pain, had numbness and tingling in my hands and arms, often in spasm, and was facing a lot of future back problems. I have consistently worked with Maryanne for 6 months and am now symptom free. Her extensive experience, knowledge, and supportive, caring personality have rehabilitated my back and even the curve of my spine is being recreated. Maryanne and the staff at the Movement Center are very progressive in their knowledge and teaching techniques in Pilates, strength training and rehabilitation.  Plus, they make it lots of fun! I’m committed for life!



Kirk Haskell

After decades of sports and work related injuries, I finally realized that I needed to do something to stop the vicious cycle. I had little to no experience, so It was a big step for me. The Crested Butte Movement Center staff provided me with a non-intimidating environment, a flexible class schedule and personal instruction. The CBMC crew got me to a point where I felt comfortable in classes and doing exercises on my own…the right way. CBMC even customized a program for me when my leg was broken! Still a work in progress but my body has never felt better…stronger.

Karen Hoskin

My gratitude for this studio runs deep. After nearly 4 years nursing a back injury, I began taking classes here 4 days a week. Within a month, I felt a complete turn around of my pain and back symptoms. Within 3 months, I felt pretty invincible. Maryanne really understands structural alignment and sustainable training like nobody I have ever known or exercised with. Crested Butte is so lucky to have her and the team of trainers she will inevitably assemble as the studio expands.


Karen M. Srebacic

I love your classes! I have never felt better and stronger in my life. Most nights I even dream of handstands and swings! Thank YOU for all you have done to improve my mental and physical being.

Nipper Alsup

I have had the privilege of attending Maryanne Garvin’s classes at The Movement Center. Her knowledge of the human body is outstanding, and her fantastic people skills are motivating.  She is an excellent instructor. I am stronger, ski better and get more compliments since joining Maryanne’s classes. I would recommend it to anyone.


Natalie Greenberg

I have been a student of Maryanne’s since 2006 – and she is the most gifted fitness instructor I’ve ever experienced. She knows just the right cue to give, just the right exercise to choose… she makes fitness fun and incredibly effective. I was at my strongest and most toned when I had the opportunity to take Maryanne’s classes religiously. Crested Butte – you are lucky to have her. ENJOY!!