Designed with Two in Mind

Share your success with a friend, stay accountable, and get fit.  Strengthen, tone and lengthen your body with a fun, challenging workout programmed for you and your partner’s specific fitness goals, personal preferences, and needs.  You can choose any class format and style, from circuit style to rehabilitative, or with a focus on posture improvement. A session may integrate matwork, apparatus, tower, chair or fitness based utilizing Kettlebells, Barbells, Sandbags, TRX, Olympic Rings, and Hand Weights for accomplishing your goals.

Each session offers a different challenge than the last, programmed with changing movement patterns and repetitions to keep your body guessing. Our instructors eliminate workout boredom by introducing variations, props, equipment and constant motivation.

Pricing: $100 Per Lesson  |  $90 for 5 Lessons | $40 for 10 Lessons

Trio Lessons:  $120 Per Person Per Lesson

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