Redcord® Suspension Training

Redcord is a sophisticated suspension-based functional exercise training system that is uniquely designed to utilize your body weight as resistance.  Functional enhancement training, or corrective exercises as we call them, improves specific body functions and restore the body’s natural movement patterns.  These exercises demand total body awareness and the recruitment of many stabilizing muscles to build a lasting core foundation and a stronger body in less time and in less space than conventional training methods.

The Movement Center offers regularly scheduled small group classes using the Redcord Active component with a focus on intelligent, challenging workouts. Redcord Active Corrective techniques and Multi-Suspension trainings are also available in a private or duet format to correct structural or muscular imbalances. We invite you to schedule a class today to see how Redcord can enhance your workout experience.

Pricing: $16/Drop-in  |  $140 for 10 sessions  |  $130/Month Unlimited

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Redcord AXIS Group Class

The Crested Butte Movement Center is the only studio in the region that offers a group fitness class using the unique AXIS system! By adding rotational movements, AXIS provides a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations for a complete-body workout for all fitness levels. This easily adjustable suspension device encourages the body to balance each movement and increase neuromuscular awareness.

Redcord Basic

Our Redcord Basic Class is a great start for those that want to learn to use the innovative suspension trainer. This multilevel small group class utilizes the Record system to challenge balance, stability & core strength. Lots of upper body strength building, combined with a Pilates approach to full body muscular development and functional fitness.  Fast moving and Fun!


Private and Duet Sessions

Get more in-depth training and the personal attention you need by scheduling a private session with Kenny Marks, the only Redcord trainer in the region!

The Redcord Corrective focus is based in Physical Therapy and uses slings and resistance bands to unweight joints and facilitate healthy movement patterns. With two RedCord rope sets in series, your body can get the support it needs to promote healing and improve strength.  The pain-free approach to retrain your core.

The Redcord Active focus uses multi-suspension elements for an intense sport specific or cross-training regime that builds strength, endurance, and balance  —  all the great things we want in a workout —  And fun, too!

Redcord Benefits

How does Redcord differ from TRX?

Instead of two straps being attached to a single anchor, the cords are attached to a pulley system. You can either adjust and stabilize the length of each cord or leave them loose to slide through the pulley. This allows for an even greater range of motion than TRX. Aside from the two handles, you can also attach thicker straps or slings to the cords, allowing you to suspend both legs or your pelvis at once. Unlike the TRX, which was designed by a Navy SEAL for fitness, Redcord was originally designed as a form of physical therapy to help with injuries. Now it is being utilized by athletes and everyday people as well.

Based on Science, Proven by Results

Redcord® Neurac approach is a scientific breakthrough in physical therapy, rehabilitation, fitness and sports performance training.  The multi-suspension format was developed 25 years ago by the Neurac Institute in Norway for three purposes – Medical, Active and Sport, and is based on the combination of experience from professional applications and knowledge from scientific research. This unique method for treatment consists of tailored exercises and techniques that focuses on pain-free restoration of functional movement and facilitates neuromuscular activation.

Quality Over Quantity

Redcord teaches you how to train smarter, not harder. It applies high effort exercise without the need for high mechanical load, using key biomechanical principles to optimally enhance muscle activation and function. Record’s Multi-Suspension format is scalable for the first time fitness enthusiast in need of movement pattern focus to the season athlete looking for  challenging three-dimensional exercises that enhance performance. Both will find this system challenging and rewarding.