Metabolic Balance®

A Balanced Approach:

Balanced carbs. High-quality proteins. High-quality fats.

No cravings. No supplements.

Over half million people around the world using Metabolic Balance® have achieved successful, long-term weight management.

It’s time to get balanced!

Targeted to increase quality of life and maintainable weight loss.

Metabolic Balance® is a sophisticated nutrition system developed by leading physicians and scientists in Europe and has over 25 years of research behind it.

Metabolic Balance® measures the client’s blood values, evaluates medical history and food preferences thereby creating a personalized nutritional program tailored to your unique body chemistry.

Structured in four phases. Guided by your personal coach certified in Metabolic Balance®.

Metabolic Balance® is a 100% natural foods program which promotes long-term success in weight management and health maintenance.

Metabolic Balance® restores the body’s bio-chemistry, optimizes energy and fat burning. Other benefits include weight loss, hormone balance, strengthened immune system and improved health.

Metabolic Balance® offers a personalized nutrition plan to promote balance of blood sugar and insulin, key in achieving weight loss and hormonal balance. Optimal fat burning conditions will naturally occur.

Metabolic Balance® uses 100% natural whole foods – no shakes, pills or supplements.  Metabolic Balance® is a specific health program rather than a diet.

Metabolic Balance® is tailored to the individual. A prescribed list of foods are given, designed to create positive and lasting change. Results happen quickly, keeping the client inspired and motivated.

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