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Meet Bless! She is beginning what is the equivalent to 3rd grade in the US. A sponsorship provides a child with their education, books, school..

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The Movement Center

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So far with your help we have raised $205 for Nyaka Aids Orphan Project. Donations can be made all week. Thanks for the support and generosity.

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Provide Education to AIDS Orphans in Rural Uganda

The Movement Center is sponsoring a child through the Nyaka Aids Orphan Project. Next week you can help us with this endeavor by either 1. Making..

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Here is what December looks like. NEW Fit in 45 on Wed’s @ 6pm. Don’t forget about holiday Gift Certificates. Buy one and get the same service..

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pilates fitness studio movement center crested butte colorado

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pilates fitness studio movement center crested butte colorado

Next week I am offering $65 Fascial Stretch session. Hour 15 minutes! Sign up with Juliette at

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Curious about Pilates Equipment Class? I’ll give you a free introductory session tomorrow Thursday november 9th at 12! Lmk!

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9:30 Yoga – Standing poses and strong leg work today! Online sign up has closed so just drop in!

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NEWS: Restorative Iyengar Yoga now Wednesday’s @ noon. NEW Pilates Equipment Class Tuesday’s at 9:30am. Check it out!

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Two Massage spots left this week. Wed and Thur at 2pm. Take advantage of Customer Appreciation week. $55 hour $85 1.5 hours. Call or text to..

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Just a reminder that THIS happens next week! Locals Appreciation Week. ALL of our services are deeply discounted. $5 drop in on group classes,..

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Next week we are offering amazing deals on classes, massage and fascial stretch therapy. Book now!!!

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Found: Pilates in Spain…but it was closed, like most businesses always are here

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JUST ADDED: Fit in 45. Next Tues/Thur OCT 10/12th 11am 3 spots left!

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View our Class Schedule for June

You can download our daily class schedule for June by clicking here. Need more information on how to book a class online? Head over to our schedule page to learn more.  We look forward to seeing...

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Updates and Specials

Class Changes Tuesday Pilates Equipment class with Lisa Griggs PT will be moving to 10:30am as of May 19th. Reserve your space online by clicking here. New Classes Beginning Saturday, June 13th there will be a 8:30am Pilates Mat Fusion class, followed by 9:30am...

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March Calendar is now available!

  You can download our daily class schedule for March by clicking here. Due to popular demand we have added a third Pilates Equipment Class on Friday’s at 11am. With 3 Reformers, 3 Chairs, lots of props and detailed teaching makes this class the most affordable way to...

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The Diet Cleanup Challenge

Was this on your menu the last few weeks? Want to get back on track? Set your healthful intentions for 2015 by eating clean. Join the awesome crew already registered for The Diet Cleanup Challenge. Are you more of a soloist but would like the guidance of a coach? You...

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5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Try Pilates

Looking for a new exercise this spring to get your body “beach ready”? Here are 5 reasons why every guy should try pilates. The word “pilates” definitely carries a certain stigma, or feminine connotation in the view of most men. It’s seen as the workout routine their...

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Think Pilates is just for women?

Think again. Athletes have known for years that Pilates gives you an edge. Come join us and find out for yourself! "Pilates for Athletes is the perfect solution for any professional athlete looking to gain an edge. I began Pilates in 2002 after a potentially career...

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Instructional snippet

Women lifting weights = powerful body, mind and physique. See for yourself by clicking here. One of the many ways we are forging strength at The Movement Center. Thanks Zaine for the instruction and motivation....

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An exciting new addition…

The Movement Center is thrilled to announce the addition of Jen Nolan, BS, MS Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach to our staff. She will be offering a post-holiday diet clean up this January, as well as, exciting new offerings this coming year. Personalized...

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December Calendar now available

December calendar has been posted. Check out the new classes by clicking here or download it now. Join us for our equipment class this Friday. Great way to balance out your workout routine...strengthen, lengthen and...

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It’s all about YOU

While traveling I always try out new classes/studios/trainers. I took several classes at the local sports center here in Cali and had exceptionally good teachers who new their stuff. Sad part is with over 20 people in the classroom no one got any personal attention...

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New Additions to Schedule

The schedule is up through April 10th.  Feel free to sign up for as much as you like. Please remember to cancel if your plans change as this opens the class to others. You will notice some new additions: Performance Training 101:  We are so excited about the progress...

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Set it Free with FST

What is Fascia? Fascia is the largest sensory organ in the body, with 6-10 times higher quantity of sensory nerve receptors than muscles. Well-hydrated and supple fascia is crucial to maintaining your natural settings for alignment and function. If you maintain those...

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Our Gift To You

At The Movement Center we place a high value on referrals.  Your successes and kind words are what have helped build our strong community in such a short time.  In light of this gift you are giving us. We are giving it back to you! For every person you refer who buys...

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Yoga for Recovery

Balance your fitness regimen with Yoga for Recovery with Jen Laggis on Thursdays at 11am. Lengthen and renew tired muscles and learn techniques to help reduce chronic pain.  This is a slower-paced class with emphasis on proper alignment that leaves you feeling...

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FREE Equipment Class

        We are offering a chance to take an equipment class for FREE - this includes any regularly scheduled CoreAlign or Pilates equipment class. Equipment classes are the closest thing to a private lesson at a fraction of the cost.  Attention, detail and specialized...

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Performance Training in Action

9 peeps rocked Performance Training this morning! A good sweaty groove on a snowy morning! Remember we have added Tues/Thur PT classes at 5:15pm middle and high schoolers welcome too! Come see what the buzz is...

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November calendar is up!

  November calendar is up! Check out the new classes by clicking here or download it now. Don't forget 5:15pm Performance Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Open to young adults and adults alike. $10 for the kids!...

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Pre-Ski Season Special!

Take advantage of our 3 private lesson pre-ski season special $150.00. (With Juliette, or Lisa) Now through November 30th. Pilates is being used by more athletes as a means to "crosstrain." By strengthening the core muscles, Pilates helps to teach the body more...

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New November Offerings!

Thanks for being a part of The Movement Center.  Many of you are already seeing and feeling results. Congratulations!Ask and you shall receive - In November we are adding two more Performance Training Classes Tue/Thur @5:15pm (This class is open to middle and high...

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Ready to commit?

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." ―PAUL J. MEYER

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