Maryanne Garvin, Director and Senior Instructor

Maryanne has been in the bodywork and fitness fields for 26 years. She got her start as a massage therapist in 1991. After studying a number of modalities she was drawn to complete her studies in the Rolf Method of Structural integration, a method that helps restore posture, change movement patterns and reduce pain.

While looking for complimentary therapies that would help her clients maintain the physical changes they experienced in bodywork, she found Pilates. She is now a Master teacher trainer for The Pilates Sports Center.

Maryanne has completed numerous certifications through The Movement Code, McEntire Pilates, Anusara Yoga, Crossfit, RKC Kettlebells, TRX, Yoga Fit, Stretch to Win, The Monterey Institute of Touch, The Pilates Sports Center and more.

She draws from a vast arena of movement modalities in her classes and sessions.  No two lessons are ever the same!  She is passionate about helping clients move and feel their best.

Juliette Eymere, Manager and Senior Instructor

Juliette is the manager and Senior Instructor at The Movement Center and has been teaching Pilates for over 13 years.  She trained with Michelle Larson at Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, NM. Juliette is also a Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist, A new and innovative therapy that helps clients work with chronic pain and improve movement restrictions. She is available for individual session in this method or can combine FST into your Pilates Lesson for better results.

Juliette’s background in dance and her passion for fitness and the outdoors is reflected in her work.  Never the same, always creative and attention to detail are her hallmarks.

Zaine Salerno, Instructor

Zaine is a certified Russian kettlebell instructor through StrongFirst. He has been studying the Russian kettlebell system of training designed by Pavel Tsatsouline since 2011 after years of dedicated Crossfit training. After completing the StrongFirst SFG instructor course in 2013, Zaine has been training students to overcome existing or preexisting injuries, successfully reach fat-loss goals, and strength requirements for a number of sports and professions.

With a background in competitive snowboarding and martial arts, Zaine began training with Russian kettlebells as a means to gain all of the functional movement and strength aspects required for high level sports. After tremendous personal results, he realized the potential to help others in the same manner for a variety of other reasons such as weight management, increased mobility, teaching strength as a skill, and workouts as practice. He is continuing his education to better assist his students and recently passed his StrongFirst Level 2 certification.

Zaine is a part time instructor who also has a retreat on the Big Island in Hawaii. He teaches Performance Training Classes and Private Lessons. Zaine is also the head fitness coach for the Crested Butte Devo Program. Learn more about the Devo Program by visiting their website.

Jen Nolan, Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Jen has been a Nutrition and Wellness Coach for over 10 years. She gained her passion for nutrition when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 42. The journey she shared with her mom brought her awareness to how important nutrition and wellness are to overall health.  Thus began Jen’s quest to find the optimum pathway for vibrant health through proper nutrition.

Jen specializes in sports nutrition, weight loss, disease prevention and overall wellness. Her approach is a holistic one that utilizes whole foods, moderation and an individualized approach. She offers one on one nutritional consulting, sports specific meal plans and coaching, group workshops and food challenges, pantry overhauls and grocery store tours.  

Jen received her BS in food science, human nutrition and dietetics through Colorado State University. She then went on to get an MS in holistic nutrition and is currently undergoing a certificate in sports nutrition. 

Jen Laggis, Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Jen is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.  She began practicing yoga in Crested Butte nearly 20 years ago and has been teaching in since 1999.

In Jen’s Iyengar Yoga for Recovery class on Thursdays at 10am, the practice will vary from active to restorative, using props to improve alignment in each pose with an emphasis on improved muscle balance.

Jen has first-hand experience with yoga’s ability to reduce or eliminate pain in the low back, neck, knees, hips, and shoulders and enjoys sharing this benefit with her students.

Sarah McAllister, Pilates Instructor

Sarah’s work began in the bodywork field 17 years ago. After working in the business world for several years, she was compelled to start working in an industry she was passionate about; she choose fitness and bodywork. Sarah certified at Mountain Heart School of Bodywork in Crested Butte. She became an ACE certified personal trainer at the same time to complement the massage work. Sarah is a master level Reiki practitioner and has taken numerous additional certifications courses in this modality.  Sarah has found that incorporating the metaphysical and spiritual aspect to bodywork can have pronounced affects on our physical and mental health. After suffering from back injuries and chronic pain, Sarah sought out Pilates to rehabilitate and strengthen her core. She has practiced Pilates for over 12 years.  She had such phenomenal results in the health of her back and overall fitness once she started working with Maryanne, that she has become certified to teach Pilates through the Pilates Sports Center. Sarah now teaches mat and equipment classes.

Sophia Chudacoff,  Pilates/Fitness Instructor

Sophia Chudacoff discovered a new joy of movement and expression after being introduced to Pilates as a method of injury prevention for dancers in 2002.  Since then she has found Pilates to be an effective tool for healing and strengthening in her body as a whole. She received her certification through Integrated Teacher Training in San Francisco under Jean Sullivan, Margaret Tappan and Ashley Beldon in 2009. She has studied healthy movement applications for the knee, hip, spine and shoulder through the Axis Syllabus, and been influenced by an incredible cohort of teachers and artists from the Bay Area including Nicole Dessoye, Elizabeth Donahue, Frey Faust and Kira Kirsch.

Sophia is passionate about teaching clients who want to feel an increased sense of vitality and connection to their bodies. Her challenging yet nurturing approach weaves together dynamic movement and biomechanical problem solving. She is committed to giving all of her clients the tools to understand their own bodies, improving strength, agility, balance and body awareness. In addition to teaching Pilates and Functional Fitness at The Movement Center you can find her through the Crested Butte School of Dance teaching various forms of movement for children and adults including aerial, hip hop, folk dance, body percussion and contemporary.

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