Class Changes

Tuesday Pilates Equipment class with Lisa Griggs PT will be moving to 10:30am as of May 19th. Reserve your space online by clicking here.

New Classes

Beginning Saturday, June 13th there will be a 8:30am Pilates Mat Fusion class, followed by 9:30am Equipment class; each week taught by different instructors.

And about your body….

We take our bikes and ski’s for tune ups, buy the latest gear, but we often neglect the “vehicle” that’s gonna take us places on that new gear: OUR BODIES. Like most things, consistency is where the change takes place. Just like fitness and nutrition our bodies deserve the same care.

Fascial Stretch TherapyWe are still offering Fascial Stretch Therapy for $65 all month long (until May 31st.) Both Maryanne and Juliette are trained in this effective, innovative, pain free method.

For those of you that really want to take it to the next level; we have a locals pricing structure to keep you getting the work you need. Ask your therapist for details!


Exciting things are happening in the Nutrition department. More challenges to follow and discussion on some important and pertinent topics. Jen can help you get back on track with step by step coaching.

Consultations are free, what have you got to lose?  Schedule today!